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What is fidelio?

Fidelio is a hotline client for GNU/Linux, that uses Gnome and Gtk+. Hotline is a proprietary protocol of Hotline Communications that provides News, Chat and FTP. Fidelio presently has the following functionality:

Version 1.0 of fidelio will certainly NOT have (not coded by me, at least):

These items just don't interest me. If somebody else wants to do them, I'll merge the code.

The culprit is Send mail, for flames will end up compressed to oblivion in /dev/null.


The current version is 0.9.1 (ChangeLog). The source tarball is available under the General Public Licence here: fidelio-0.9.1.tar.gz.

Prerequisite software is:

Also note that this code will only compile and run on 32-bit machines with 4-byte integer alignment and 4-byte pointers. Read the README of the tarball for instructions, it is more up-to-date.


The obligatory mugshot^Wscreenshot section. Note that some of these shots are quite large (1000x500). Yes, I hava a big monitor...
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